FBS review

FBS Review – The Good and Bads of FBS

FBS took the start in 2009 in the international financial market with the commitment of excellence and perfection and in the very first year they achieve a milestone of 50,000 customers

Trust Score
OverviewAn Honest Meta trader only broker
Overall rating4/5
Founded 2009 Marshall Islands
Number of Customers 200, 000+
Markets Forex, Metals, Indices, Stocks, Crypto Currencies 
Countries Served190
Minimum deposit $1, Varies with the selection of account 
Customer Support Online 24/5, Email
Demo AccountAvailable, Yes free demo account is available
Fees$6 on ECN accounts
Regulators  IFSC Belize, C.A
BonusesMultiple, Deposit/No deposit
Trading PlatformsMT4, MT5
Copy TradingAvailable 
SpreadsFixed 3.0 pips, Floating from 0.2 pips
Maximum Leverage1:3000

History of FBS

FBS took the start in 2009 in the international financial market with the commitment of excellence and perfection and in the very first year they achieve a milestone of 50,000 customers which was a great success for the company but it was only a good start as in the coming years FBS achievements were fabulous.

They the very first year they also remain able to engage the number of partners from different countries to promote their services further. This network of loyal partners brings them real success in the coming years, this network also helps them to create international customer support service.

FBS keep improving its customer base and services and in the year of 2010. They achieved another milestone and earned their first award in 2010. Thereafter they move forward on the path of success, and until now they are awarded 37 times that is fantastic standing for this company.

Four times consecutively they win the best broker in Asia award that strengthens them in the market and 2018 was the enlightening and groundbreaking year for them. Their efforts pay them and with 100K+ partners, they make their standing firmer. In the same year, they achieve that award of Most Transparent Broker of 2018 that was a real success and their journey is to continue,

Which Countries Does FBS Operate In?

They are providing services all over the world except under listed countries.

Japan, USA, Canada, UK, Myanmar, Brazil, Malaysia, Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran

IMPORTANT: CFDs are not available in the USA because of local regulation, and this regulated CFD broker does not accept US citizens or US residents as clients.

On their website, they claim that they are present in the 190+ counties which is not true, during our FBS review we find that they are hardly present in Europe because they did not get the license necessary to operate there. But yes, this broker is a common choice in Asia and the Middle East. FBS swap free account is a popular choice in the Middle East, especially.

Can I Trust FBS?

Yes. They are not regulated from any major hub, but frankly , they are in the market with the same regulation from 2009 and doing business and this moment thousands of traders are trading with them and they are handling Billions of dollar trading transactions every month.

The most positive thing that we consider in our FBS review is their reputation there are no complaints online about this broker and even there are some minor against their bonus system. The good thing is there is no complaint that they are not paying. That is a big success for them?

Their regulation detail is asunder,

The website fbs.com is operated by FBS Markets Inc.; Registration No. 119717; FBS Markets Inc is regulated by IFSC, license IFSC/60/230/TS/18; Address: No.1 Orchid Garden Street, Belmopan, Belize, C.A.

During FBS review we also cross-check their registration of financial operating license and found them legit. They are present in the list of trading in securities at number 8, here is a snapshot of their registration.

Many other well-known brokers which are mainly registered in UK, USA or in the EU got registered from IFSA to provide the services to the rest of the world with higher leverage. With the major regulators, higher leverage is not possible, and this is the reason which compels them to think for other less tight regulators.

Belize will become a new financial hub and in case of any complaint you can contact the regulator for the address of your issues and they take prompt action against bad practices.

Open a Account with FBS

FBS Trading Products

FBS offer traders access to trading several asset classes and these financial instruments are available to trade through different account types, like most common product categories are, Forex, Metals, CFD, Stocks, Forex Exotic, Others


You can trade all major and minor currency pairs with FBS, which are listed here in this category. These financial instruments are available to trade on all platforms.

FBS offers these pairs to trade with a minimum lot of 0.01 and their standard lot size is 100,000 units. Minimum spread, typical spread along with swaps are different for each pair but competitive with respect to the market. Twenty – nine pairs are available to trade in this category. Here you can see the list of all available instruments in the category of forex which cover all the majors and minors.

AUDCAD Australian Dollar/Canadian Dollar, Lot size 100,000 AUD

AUDCHF Australian Dollar/Swiss Franc, Lot size 100,000 AUD

AUDJPY Australian Dollar/Japanese Yen, Lot size 100,000 AUD

AUDNZD Australian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar, Lot size 100,000 AUD

AUDUSD Australian Dollar/US Dollar, Lot size 100,000 AUD

CADCHF Canadian Dollar/Swiss Franc, Lot size 100,000 CAD

CADJPY Canadian Dollar/Japanese Yen, Lot size 100,000 CAD

CHFJPY Swiss Franc/Japanese Yen, Lot size 100,000 CHF

EURAUD Euro/Australian Dollar, Lot size 100,000 EUR

EURCAD Euro/Canadian Dollar, Lot size 100,000 EUR

EURCHF Euro/Swiss Franc, Lot size 100,000 EUR

EURGBP Euro/British Pound, Lot size 100,000 EUR

EURJPY Euro/Japanese Yen, Lot size 100,000 EUR

EURNZD Euro/New Zealand Dollar, Lot size 100,000 EUR

EURUSD Euro/ U.S. Dollar, Lot size 100,000 EUR

GBPAUD British Pound/Australian Dollar, Lot size 100,000 GBP

GBPCAD British Pound/Canadian Dollar, Lot size 100,000 GBP

GBPCHF British Pound/Swiss Franc, Lot size 100,000 GBP

GBPJPY British Pound/Japanese Yen, Lot size 100,000 GBP

GBPNZD Great Britain Pound/New Zealand Dollar, Lot size 100,000 GBP

GBPUSD British Pound/US Dollar, Lot size 100,000 GBP

NZDCAD New Zealand/Canadian Dollar, Lot size 100,000 NZD

NZDCHF New Zealand/Swiss Franc, Lot size 100,000 NZD

NZDJPY New Zealand/Japanese Yen, Lot size 100,000 NZD

NZDUSD New Zealand Dollar/US Dollar, Lot size 100,000 NZD

USDCAD US Dollar/Canadian Dollar, Lot size 100,000 USD

USDCHF US Dollar/Swiss Franc, Lot size 100,000 USD

USDJPY US Dollar/Japanese Yen, Lot size 100,000 USD



fbs review

Nowadays every trader involved in metal trading because brokers offered these metals along with forex trading pairs and all the forex trading brokers are following it in the same way. But here FBS took it one step ahead as their spread on the gold is a minimum as compared to competitors.

Like they are charging minimum spread of 10 and in most of the cases it remains between 20 to 30 which is economical as compared to the other similar size brokers and along with gold and other metals are also there to trade.

In Asia there are many traders who only trade gold like goldsmiths; They prefer to trade with the FBS because of their services and execution. Let us look at tradeable metals in this category:

Palladium: Palladium Spot, Lot size 100

Platinum: Platinum Spot, Lot size 100

XAGUSD: Silver, Lot size 100

XAUUSD: Gold Spot, Lot size 100


CFD is another way to trade the cash products with leverage and FBS is providing this opportunity but limited way, as there are only three CFD’s trading instruments, these are commonly traded CFD which you can trade with the leverage in same forex trading account of FBS, all three CFD’s are listed below:

BRN: Brent Crude Oil, Lot size 1,000

DAX30: DAX30, Lot size 10

WTI: WTI Crude Oil, Lot size 1,000


Stocks trading in the same forex trading account provide enhanced opportunities to earn with the gain and fall of stock prices, FBS is offering to trade 33 top and most commonly trading stocks OF USA to all the forex traders. The trading cost is a minimum, but here the only disadvantage is stocks are being in a very limited number which is a barrier for many traders.

But for forex traders, it is really a good opportunity a trader can trade these stocks from the same forex trading account with leverage to enhance his profitability.  

Forex Exotic 

All day traders and risk traders love to trade the exotics as this is the quickest way to make money but riskiest. Traders with experience can catch the right trading opportunities while using all tools and techniques so they can trade exotic forex pairs well such trader prefers to trade exotics to earn more in less time.

The movement and trading range of exotic pairs make them attractive for traders they are even costly to trade, but returns possible on exotics are not possible on other pairs. FBS is offering exotic pairs to trade these are not good in numbers, but a limited selection is there to increase the trading returns.

In the Exotics Category FBS is offering to trade 9 Currency pairs are asunder,

CNHJPY Chinese Yuan/Japanese Yen, Lot size 100,000

EURCNH Euro/Chinese Yuan, Lot size 100,000

EURTRY Euro vs Turkish Lira, Lot size 100,000

USDBRL US Dollar vs Brazil Real, Lot size 100,000

USDCNH USA Dollar/Chinese Yuan, Lot size 100,000

USDMXN USA Dollar vs Mexican Peso, Lot size 100,000

USDRUB USA Dollar/Russian Ruble, Lot size 100,000

USDTRY USA Dollar/Turkish Lira, Lot size 100,000

USDZAR USA Dollar/South Africa Rand, Lot size 100,000


Crypto Currencies  

Like all other brokers, FBS is also offering to trade cryptocurrencies but with the same limitations, these are limited in number and only available to trade 24/5 which put restraints on the crypto traders. But such addition is a good addition for the forex traders like in the same platform they have four major crypto currencies to trade with leverage. As you know well with crypto exchanges leverage is not possible while trading with the FBS as a trader you can enjoy the crypto trading on these pairs with the leverage.

Bitcoin: Bitcoin vs USD, Lot size 1

DASH: DASH vs USD, Lot size 10

Ethereum: Ethereum vs USD, Lot size 10

LiteCoin: LiteCoin vs USD, Lot size 100

FBS Trading Accounts

This esteemed broker is offering different types of trading accounts for the different type of traders like for learner FBS is offering cent account and for professional standard and ECN account, trading conditions are nearly similar on all of these accounts, here you can check the detail,

Standard Account

With the standard lot size and most favored trading conditions this account is most widely opened account of FBS, Trader who trade with FBS prefer to open this account, it offers all the benefits and favorable trading conditions which one need to make money in this market. This FBS standard account is for experienced market players making their way to Forex heights the complete detail is as under,


Account types, except ECN account, support the following trading instruments: 35 currency pairs, 4 metals, 3 CFD, and 4 cryptocurrencies.

Also, all account types except ECN support swap-free trading.

Open a Standard Trading Account


Cent Account 

For a new trader it is really hard to learn the trading before getting in with the full investment. Learning on the demo always remain limited like many things are there which are not possible to learn over the demo. So, for learners and for those who want to test their trading systems on low risk trading account FBS trading account is there. One can signup with the minimum deposit and can enjoy live trading with FBS cent account.

Account types, except ECN account, support the following trading instruments: 35 currency pairs, 4 metals, 3 CFD, and 4 cryptocurrencies.

Also, all account types except ECN support swap-free trading.

Open a Cent Trading Account


Micro Account

FBS is offering another account type to serve small traders and for those who just want to take a small start. FBS micro account is there to serve the purpose, in cent account the available amount appears in cents and in micro account it appears in standard form means in dollars. The trading conditions of this account type is as under,

Account types, except ECN account, support the following trading instruments: 35 currency pairs, 4 metals, 3 CFD, and 4 cryptocurrencies.

Also, all account types except ECN support swap-free trading.

Open a Micro Trading Account


Zero Spread Account 

This account comprises all the facilities of ECN account but trades are not floated in the market or with the liquidity providers in the open market place.

It is just a standard account where FBS make an arrangement to eliminate the spread, make the spread zero and charging fixed commissions on trades.

If a trader is not comfortable with the spreads then he can choose to trade with the zero spread account and also can save cost of doing business. Commission on this account is higher than the ECN account but during FBS review we figure out that the trading cost of this account is lower than then the standard account, Complete trading conditions are as under,

Account types, except ECN account, support the following trading instruments: 35 currency pairs, 4 metals, 3 CFD, and 4 cryptocurrencies.

Also, all account types except ECN support swap-free trading.

Open Zero Spread Trading Account

ECN Account

ECN accounts are the top among the professional traders, because this is most cost-effective solution for traders, best fills are possible with lowest commission.

FBS is charging lowest possible commission on the ECN account, During the FBS review we find that a lot of scalpers and testers are suing this account types and they are quite satisfied with the service of FBS provided through this account. It is for those who want to feel the full power of trading with ECN technologies. Full trading conditions are as under,

ECN account – offers 25 currency pairs. Also, all account types except ECN support swap-free trading.

Again a limitation is there only few pairs are available to trade, not even full list of major and minor available to trade. This broker is providing limited services in each category and this is the reason professional traders are also limited here. 

Open ECN Trading Account

Swap Free Accounts 

Swap free option is available for all across the board and for all of traders and investors, but keep in mind it will not save your cost instead of pay it in the swaps you will pay it in shape of enhanced spreads and in shape of fees, you can enable swap free options on your account the only conditions is,

Swap Free service is available for all trading instruments apart from those in the Forex Exotic and CFD categories.

FBS Customer Support

Their customer support remains online 24/5, and facility is available through online chat at their website, email and through telephone, even one can request callback. They are also available on some social media channels where traders can interact with them.

We have a strict and step-by-step procedure to check the support to find out that how responsive they, level of their education and willingness to solve the problem as soon as possible. 

During our FBS review, we contact them multiple times through online chat through email as well through other social media and ask them some tricky questions. We find them supportive, well educated and willing to solve the issues, their response time varies on each channel but they were there to figure out the issues and to provide required support.  

In FBS review, we figure out that traders who are working with the FBS as traders and affiliates are completely satisfied with their services.  

FBS Trading Software's

Trading software is a basic need of every trader to access the market and to perform trading operations in the market a lot fo options are available from very basic to pro versions. FBS is meta trader only broker there is no other option available for traders, FBS trader is available but only limited to Android and Apple IOS. Frankly meta trader mobile application is much better from FBS trader and during the FBS review when we ask for FBS trader we were amazed with the answer that majority of trader even not tested it.

This meta trader broker is offering all the range from meta quotes like mobile, desktop, web etc. applications. There are two main variants available MT4 and MT5. Let’s have a look in detail,


  • More than 41 tools: currency pairs, CFD and Futures
  • The same login data to enter all the platforms
  • Low spreads
  • Full functional expert advisors (EA)
  • One-click trading and embedded news


  • Technical analysis tools: 50 indicators and charting tools
  • 3 types of charts
  • Micro-lot accounts (optional)
  • Hedging positions
  • VPS service support
  • More time frames
  • Auto Trading with mt5 Signals 


A set of MT applications for Android and iOS allows you to trade on your account from any smartphone or tablet. Trade on Meta Trader without re-quotes or order deviations, with a wide range of leverage.

Nowadays the brokers which are only offering meta trader they also offer many of enhanced trading tools to empower meta trader and to provide more trading power to traders. Such enhanced trading tools always offer support the decision making of a trader.

FBS is not offering any of enhancement tools the only available options are basic meta traders editions which are default versions of meta quotes. Traders have liberty to choose from the available options. Mt4 multi-terminal is also available for professional traders and for money managers to access more than one accounts from through a single trading platform. During the FBS review we check the working of these software’s and found them up to standard. 

FBS Copy Trading

Copy trading is a popular solution nowadays for investors as well as for traders because on the basis of their results they can earn more profits and they can make progressive career in this market.

FBS is offering copy trading service without any fees, this service is open for everyone, a trader can be an investor and trader.

There are two types of accounts that can participate in FBS copy trading that are,

Standard account

Micro Account

Note that if open a cent account or an ECN account that is not supported. It easy to open additional trading accounts from the trader’s cabinet.

It is also easy to sign-up for copy trading from the traders cabinet just enable the copy trading and let others follow you while paying commission on successful trades.

Download the Copy Trade app to see what your profile looks like to investors, check out other traders’ progress, or copy other traders.

With FBS Copy Trade, you can make even more money from your everyday trading sessions. Just allow your trading account for copying by FBS Investors and get a commission from their profit. Share your skills with people and get paid!

You don’t need to install any additional software or take any extra actions – just enable this function in your Personal Area, trade in your usual way, allow people to follow your example, and get money for helping them succeed on Forex!

The better your account performance is, the more investors choose your orders for copying, and the more profit you get.

In FBS review, we find that signal providers are using FBS copy trading and earning handsome returns, and it also open the gates to earn profits for other investors.  

In fact, their fast execution is supportive for the copy trading when a trader opens a trader that replicated at the same time over the other following account with no delay. The whole process results in no slippage that is really a good advantage of trading with a copy system of FBS.

the performance of traders is visible to other that act as a marketing tool when a trader perform well his came on a scoreboard and others can follow him and in response he can earn the trading copy trading fee. So no marketing required for one who is trading well.

FBS Execution

They do not create dozens of servers they are very limited in servers buy their execution is ultra-fast when we ask about execution to traders, they show complete satisfaction towards execution as well as execution policy of FBS.

Usually trader do not suffer any re-quotes and this is the best advantage which a trader wishes to have. News trading and scalping is allowed and you will not experience any serious slippage.

Order execution – fast, accurate, no re-quotes

Record timing for order execution

Asset prices on Forex change within fractions of a second, and your success is directly impacted by how fast you can make and implement decisions.

That is why, FBS company feels obligated to guarantee clients with the highest possible order execution speed.

95% of orders are executed within 0.4 second

No requotes

All FBS accounts use Market Execution of orders. Orders are executed at factual market prices, requotes are impossible.

Orders are executed within the NDD (Non-Dealing Desk) and STP (Straight Through Processing) technologies – so they are offset directly into the systems of the liquidity providers.

The whole range of orders for your trading strategy

FBS clients have access to:

    • market orders,
    • limit orders,
    • stop orders, including trailing stop orders.
    • Maximum number of orders
    • The maximum number of open orders depends on the type of account.

Order volume

The maximum order volume varies between account types as well

FBS Deposits and Withdrwals

This broker is mainly focused on Asia and Middle east and offering all regionl popular deposit and withdrawal options. 

Multiple deposit and withdrawal options make banking easy and hassle free for traders as we know there are different deposit and withdrawal conditions in each country so broker FBS is offering  multiple deposit and withdrawal options which makes banking easy, During FBS review we find that Skrill and Neteller are the most used deposit and withdrawal options.


Deposit Options and Conditions 

fbs review


usd, eur, instantly
fbs review


eur, usd, instantly
fbs review

Stic Pay

usd2,5% + $0,3 Commission, instantly
fbs review


eur, usd, instantly
fbs review


usd, eur, Commission may apply for current payment system, instantly
fbs review


jpy, No commission for deposits, instantly
fbs review

You can also use local exchangers.


Withdrawal Options and Conditions 


fbs review


usd, eur1$ Commission 15-20 minutes (max 48 hours)
fbs review


eur, usd2%, min – 1$, max – 30$ Commission 15-20 minutes (max 48 hours)
fbs review

Stic Pay

usd2,5% + $0,3 Commission 15-20 minutes (max 48 hours)
fbs review


usd, eur1% + 0.32$ Commission 15-20 minutes (max 48 hours)
fbs review


usd, eur0, 0.50% Commission 15-20 minutes (max 48 hours)
fbs review


jpy Commission may apply for withdrawals instantly
fbs review

You can also use local exchangers


During our FBS review we find that traders are really satisfied with the withdrawal processing time, as most of the withdrawals are processed within the matter of one hour not later than this. Every trader knows that it’s hard to earn from the Forex Market, but the wait of withdrawal is more painful. FBS makes it easy with ultra fast withdrawal processing. You can see the turnaround time is in minutes against all withdrawal options. 

FBS Promotions and Bonuses

Promotions are a really good way to bring new customers in. But here in our FBS review we are not recommending to opt-in for any such promotions because we are fully aware with the truth that every promotions ring in some tough conditions to meet.

It is our research to met with the conditions of promotions many times traders even lose the original deposit so we are not recommending to get for any promotion especially for new traders who do not pay attention to the promotion term and conditions.

FBS is offering variety of promotions for new and loyal customers like few of them are,

FBS Traders Parties

Get Car from FBS

Trade 100 Bonus

Welcome bonus $123

100% Deposit Bonus


Traders consider deposit and no-deposit bonus real a good option because in case of 100% deposit bonus their equity become double in just one click and that offer more trading power.

But if we consider other part of this bonus, then there are some certain conditions to own the bonus money which are always hard to met and bring some emotional pressure for traders.

During FBS review we find that many of trader just get in for no-deposit bonus or because of deposit bonus and stay permanently with this broker because of their withdrawal processing time and trading conditions. 

FBS Contest and Other promotions

During our FBS review we also pay special attention to the contest and other promotions and found FBS legit in all. All the promotions that they announce are legit and they are paying against that.

From time to time FBS announce different contest which acts as a promotional tool as well as provide chance to the new traders to earn capital. Currently several contests are there which are listed below.  

    • Ramadan
    • FBS: 10 years aboard
    • Super Trader
    • FBS makes your dreams come true!
    • FBS Pro

What type of Education FBS Provide?

When a trader invests his money with a broker his main purpose is to make profits with that and this is not possible without learning. IN the current challenging environment, it is not possible to succeeded without learning.

FBS provide educational material with the aim to empower its traders to earn more, a variety of learning options are there. We go through these all during the FBS review and find that valuable for new as well as for experienced traders.   

Options available in the learning section are,

Forex Guidebook, this is the basic guide for forex traders.

Forex Books, from price action to indicators-based trading strategies and from basic level to professional, all the necessary and important books are available in the collection of FBS.

Tips for Traders, narrated by experienced traders, if a trader seriously considers these tips then he can enhance his earnings.

Webinars, we all know well learning with the audio and visuals with live interaction where traders can ask question to make the concept clearer. Now a days this is widely accepted method and trader love to read through the free webinars arranged by broker.

Video lessons, recorded by to rated professional are available free of cost for all forex traders of FBS.

Seminars, arranged by FBS from time to time, FBS always arrange seminars with professional mentors which provide some valuable learning experience to the traders.

Glossary, all the terms which a trader need to know for trading and to understand all communication and analysis.

How Good FBS analytics are?

FBS is an honest broker and always stay focused to provide tools and market analytics which can help the traders to make money. Such actions are beneficial for both traders as well as for broker because these help the broker to establish a long-term relationship.

FBS provides three types of analytics service:

Forex News, new of each category is sorted separately, which makes it easy for a trader follow the news.

Daily Market Analysis, this is a service of fbs which really helps the traders to make money, we have tested the service during FBS review and find that consistent and helpful in making trading decisions.

Forex TV, the basic purpose is to provide the analysis and updating on current economic conditions.

Open an FBS account to receive daily analysis

How FBS deals with Partners?

This is a broker with over ten years’ existence and has over a hundred thousand active partners. During FBS review we find that their affiliate program and their policies towards partnership, their partnership agreement and their working approach towards partners and affiliates is the key reason for their success in this industry.

FBS is doing many things extra-ordinary like the rebates become available to withdraw right after that appear into the partner cabinet there is not need to wait for a week or month to withdraw the rebates this is the reason FBS is on the top.

Their statistics are superb one can track his referred traders their deposits, withdrawals and their trading volume to calculate the rebates.

During FBS review, we find that they are paying $10 commission on each lot while it’s higher on gold. Bu in most marketing campaigns they claim it $15 which is not true. $10 is on the higher side as compared to the market norms and other competitors.

If one has good potential, then he can earn more than $15 per lot with their other promotions, which are target oriented. Attract customer with more deposit and increase trading volume are the general requirement to meet for an additional reward.

They offer additional rewards with consistency, and partners are winning these. Partners show complete satisfaction and in FBS review we find that partners make enough efforts to win the additional rewards from the broker.

Multiple payment system is available to withdraw the rewards and withdrawals processed in the matter of minutes;This broker does not put the traders and partners on hold for withdrawals.

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