Instaforex review

InstaForex Review – A Honest Broker Review

Trust Score


Founded in: 2007

Minimum Deposit: $1

Deposit Bonus: Yes

No Deposit Bonus: Yes

Regulated: Yes 

Max. Leverage: 1:1000

Fixed Spread: Yes

ECN Accounts: Yes

Cent Account: Yes

Trading software: Mt4, MT5

Mobile Trading: Yes

Web Trading: Yes

Publicaly-Traded Company: No

Daily Market Summary: Yes

Copy Trading: Yes

PAMM Availability: Yes

Headquarter: Russia

Broker Type: NDD

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Instaforex Regulations


They have multiple regulation at their back but they are still lacking few major ones. now a days US, UK and Australian regulations are on the top, even Instaforex is regulated in the EU but still lacking because they do not obtain license from any top rated regulator.

Instant Trading Ltd (BVI) is licensed by BVI FSC, License Number SIBA/L/14/1082

InstaVector Ltd (Russia) is licensed by Central Bank, License number 039-11737-100000

Insta Service Ltd is registered with FSC Saint Vincent, Reg. Number IBC22945

Insta Global Ltd. registered in Saint Vincent, IBC24321

INSTANT TRADING EU LTD is Cyprus Investment Firm (HE266937) regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, license number 266/15

INSTANT TRADING EU LTD is providing investment services under InstaForex brand and operates Website

Durig our Instaforex review we also check the regualtors to make it sure they are present in their list and found these licences are valid.

Trading Accounts


A variety of trading accounts are available which suits to everyone’s need for a small trader who want fixed spread and for a trader who feels comfortable with the ECN account.

FeaturesAccount type
Deposit currencyEUR, USDEUR, USDUSD Cents, EUR CentsUSD Cents, EUR Cents
Minimum deposit1 USD1 USD1 USD1 USD
Maximum depositunlimitedunlimited1000 USD1000 USD
Spreads [1]3-703-70
Minimal trade0.01 of the lot0.01 of the lot0.10 of the lot (equivalent of 0.0001 market lot)0.10 of the lot (equivalent of 0.0001 market lot)
Maximal trade [7]10000 lots10000 lots10000 lots10000 lots
Leverage [2]1:1-1:10001:1-1:10001:1-1:10001:1-1:1000
Margin for locks [3]25%25%25%25%
Margin Call [4]30%30%30%30%
Stop Out [5]10%10%10%10%
Interest rate [6]5%5%5%5%

Insta Forex Leverage


For Currency Pairs 1:1000


For Metals: 1:100


For CFD: 1:10

Instaforex provide leverage which most of trader wish to have a good trader can use this leverage to multiply his profits.

Instaforex Bonuses


They are top of list in our Instaforex review for deposit bonuses, the variety of options are available with them ranging from 30% to 250% with the different term and conditions. Our recommendation is for 30%. Before applying and opting for any deposit bonus consider reading full term and conditions of bonus as higher bonuses always have some tricky conditions which are hard to met. instaforex review is conduct with speciall care to bonuses.

Instaforex No Deposit Bonuses


No deposit bonuses are a great tool for forex brokers to attract new traders and offer them money on hard terms which are impossible to met and same is in this case. They are offering highest no deposit bonus in the industry on the tough conditions to fulfil, So it is not recommended to opt for any. Just consider to play on demo and then deposit your own money to trade even on cent account.


Online Support

instaforex review

They are very good in online support but when there is a professional trader or tricky question then a trader may face delay. Like when you deposit or withdrawal is late at that time online support remain unable to provide a valid reason a specific time for resolution that is really an issue with this broker But overall response time is awesome support mangers remain available round the clock and they support nearly all major and reginal languages that is a plus with them.   

Separate telephone numbers and contact detail is publicly available for all Instaforex customer. While conducting this Instaforex review we pay special attention to the online support and found that they remain available on all major social and support channels.


instaforex review

This is a hot favorite broker for deposits they support nearly all of available options and if you account is verified then your funds will be available in a matter of minutes to trade. This is really a plus while trading with them. While summing up this Instaforex review, we ask this question too many of members and they are in view that Instaforex is exceptional in deposits. In most of the cases deposit become available in a matter of a minute or instantly. But when your account is not verified there, you may face delay as because of AML, they need to pay due attention to every new deposit.

There is no fee on deposit with all major e-currencies means you will receive the same amount which you deposit, this facility is not available with many of other brokers. They also support local deposits and withdrawals through regional partners.

There are fees attached to some of these payment options.  Bitcoins can be deposited with no fee and are transacted within three hours.

Customers who replenished their trading accounts by a credit card in dollars can withdraw amounts less than 300 USD via MoneyBookers/Skrill and over 300 USD via Bank Transfer.



There is not complaint for withdrawal that they are not paying but withdrawal behavior of this broker is not consistent sometimes withdrawal reach to account within hours and many times it takes days traders who are trading with them always remain worried about the withdrawals.

The worst thing that we find during Instaforex review, on the delayed withdrawal support remain unable to provide specific reason and time. Nowadays in fast moving world every trader wants quick withdrawals which sometimes is not possible with this broker.

Platform and Tools


Basically, Instaforex is a Meta Trade only broker, there Is no other option available. MT4 and MT5 are the only. So, there is no need to confuse regarding software the only option is meta trader which is favorite choice for retail trader but not for professional traders.

No advanced tools are offered by broker the few which are available do not have any recognition.

While MetaTrader 4 comes standard, with little that varies from broker to broker on the surface of the platform, there can be significant differences in how the platform is set up when it comes to trading spreads and commissions, the available execution method, and other tools, features, and administrative areas that can affect your trading experience.

Mobile Trading


Since InstaForex is a MetaTrader-only broker, iOS and Android versions of the MetaTrader 4 mobile app come standard and are both available for download from the Apple iTunes store and Android Playstore, respectively.

Forex Trading with Instaforex


More then 80 currency pairs are available to trade from majors to exotic, which makes selection easy and trader can trade any pair where the parameters of his trading strategy met. Their price feed remain same as compare to other major players.

Trading Options with Instaforex


This service of Instaforex is not picked up because this is not up to standard if you are a forex trader then you can trade options from the same account but for a options trader it is not a good broker during the period of Instaforex review we find that the options trading become slow or stuck up during major releases which is not a professional act by them. Overall their options trading is easy to understand and payouts are fair enough.


Cryptocurrency Trading with Instaforex


They are offering to trade crypto’s as CFD and leverage for CFD is 1:10 that means you can trade crypto’s with leverage for better returns. Instaforex is from pioneering brokers who offer leveraged crypto trading. Six crypto currencies are available to trade round the clock seven days a week. As a forex trader when the market if off on the weekends, you can trade cryptos.

Trading Indices, Futures and Other CFD's with Instaforex


In this Instaforex review we also evaluate indices trading with them and found that they are offering CFD on only two indices which are USD and FTSE which not up to standard. While their execution and overall services on other CFD like CFD on US stocks and UJ Stocks is too good. Specially the execution of CFD is fast and live quite of these CFD remain well updated with exchange.

Recommended for Analytics


They are good and consistent in analytics you can find the analytics on their main website and you can also subscribe for that to receive in your mail. There are dozens of analytic providers who share their views on each and every move either a fundamental one or a purely technical. Advice regarding every pair remain available there. Clear analytics with the support of charts and make it easy for a trader to follow the advice in try spirit. For new traders, this is really a good feature to follow. In Instaforex review we consider this feature at top because there is a trader who are making money while following their analysts.  

Instaforex organize contest for analytics providers, which always provide motivation to share good work with traders.

A section of video analytics is also there which is also effective and through graphical representation it become easy to Convery the real picture.

Recommended for Beginners


Yes, this broker is highly recommended for beginners, there are several reasons for this recommendation the very first one is the process of account opening is easy a trader can open an account with just a few clicks and can start trading, verification can be done later. There trading platforms and tools which a new trader required all available on their website and can be found easily. We found that they remain in touch with new prospects and help them a lot to open a new account. New traders do not hesitate to contact them.

Due to their new trader friendly support and website along with bonuses offer they are a top choice of new entrants in forex market.

Recommended for Professional Traders


No, this broker is not recommended for professional traders, they are in the market from over one decade but with the count of time they do not upgrade their service, like still they are offering very basic editions of meta trader with no special feature who trader love to use. Their spread for professional traders is too high, even though we can say that it multiplied to 10 as compared to other services for professional traders with other brokers. No serious regulations are at their back, so that is another threat for professional traders.

Their support is also not enough capable to handle professional traders they all are novices and put traders on endless wait and sometime when they told you to return through email they took one to two days to respond to your query. This is one of the true reason we are not recommending them for a professional trader in our instaforex review. 

Recommended for Affiliates and Advertisers

instaforex review

Yes, they are too good with the advertisers and affiliates; in fact, they are paying good commission to these junkies. We can say that this is the broker with the highest number of partners and affiliates who are easing good. Instaforex is charging high spreads and they are sharing half of their spreads with the partners and a lot of other rewards for publishers are on the higher side as compare to the industry practice.

To conduct this Instaforex review we spoke to many of the Instaforex affiliates and find that they are enjoying good business and returns with this broker and satisfied with the services provided by Instaforex.

Their partner cabinet is full of options. nearly all of advertising material which one needed to promote a business and the tools to monitor and plan a campaign is included and available in the portal. They disburse commissions in real time. From time to time they bring new promotions for affiliated. 

Recommended for Copy Trading


Yes, they are recommended for copy trading, Trading account on the different trading servers may experience a minor slippage but on the same server there is not slippage the orders got executed on the copy accounts at same price. They are not charging any fee for copy trading while trader can set his own parameters of fee, Multiple fee options are available.

For a trader who provide trading advice and want to charge for that Instaforex copy trading is best solution for him he can enjoy the liberty without any restriction. In this Instaforex review we interviews copy traders and providers and found that all are satisfied with the copy services of Instaforex.

Recommended for PAMM Mangers/Traders


Yes, they are recommended for PAMM, they are highly recommended for PAMM managers as this is easy to start service there is no hard and fast rules and requirements for it. One can start with a new account and minimum balance and can start attracting investors with his trading results and from other sources. In the market, this is the most easy PAMM service to start as no deposit and the number of trades requirements.

There are hundreds of registered and active PAMM managers working with this broker. Profit split in real time and from the commencement of service to until now no anomaly reported on any forum.

There are PAMM managers who are working with this broker from years and this is the clear sign they are trusted for and hence we are recommending Instaforex in this Instaforex review.

Recommended for PAMM Investors


For investors they have a history of huge losses in the PAMM services, so it is a service that is not recommended for investors. The reason is a PAMM investor can build his statistics even with the trading one 1 dollar and no deposit requirement and the number of trading requirement makes this service best for PAMM managers and worst for investors.

When you test, you may choose a best trader, but in the back end, he might be trading with just $10. So, such a trader cannot handle the funds. If still decide to invest in PAMM service with Instaforex while ignoring our Instaforex review then split your funds and invest with multiple top fund managers are in this business from one year at least.

Recommended for Learning


Hardly any learning material is available on their site. Nowadays broker is concentrating on the education of their clients to make them able to earn through their services. This is only possible when education material is available on the broker site and broker is guiding about it such facility is not available with them. In fact, no material is available on their site regarding trade education.

Conclusion of InstaForex Review

This broker is in business since 2007 but despite of these long years until now they did not get any serious regulatory license, their website is full of advertising material and portray that they are legit in this industry but brokers claim do not match with our findings, the social media and internet is full with their complaints and issues and they do not bother of that complaints. Their bonus system is a real cause of this bad reputation.

This broker is popular in Russia and in Asia, People from these areas prefer to trade with this broker because of their regional presence and because of support in regional languages and local deposits and withdrawals.

We recommend this broker to all new traders with small deposits, for professional traders this can be a costly and risky choice but local withdrawal and deposit is an option which remain available to traders.

Their execution is worthwhile, and multiple asset class trading makes a trader able to benefit from his trading skills.

There are a lot of negative reviews about this broker but the truth is they are in business since long and they are paying profits to traders and never disappear in these long years this is the reason they are getting more clientage each day, So, they are trustworthy but to catch professional traders they need to upgrade their services.

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